Ayesha Amin

Student of 4th Year (4th Batch), SQUARE College of Nursing


I am Ayesha Amin, student of 4th Year, 4th Batch, SQUARE College of Nursing. I have earned 3rd position in the 3rd year final examination under University of Dhaka on 2019. 

In the present world of competition there is a race of existence, in which those who are having will to come forward succeed. Ofcourse, to succeed in life we need many supports that help us to stand on our feet. From the beginning of our school life until today, we have come across many guides who were sent to us by the almighty Allah, in the from of teachers. It is a genuine pleasure to express my deepsense of thanks and gratitude to my dear teachers for their prompt inspirations, timely suggestion with kindness, enthusiasm and dynamism. I also owe a deep sense of gratitude to Prof. Major Badrulwara Begum our beloved Principal Madam and definitely my loving parents for their immense support and guide at every stage of success.