Prof Major Badrulwara Begum (Retd.)

Principal, SQUARE College of Nursing


It’s my pleasure to get the opportunity of writing a few words concerning the admission of 1st batchof Basic B.Sc. Nursing students in SQUARE College of Nursing in the academic year 2012-13.  As the Founder Principal of this college, it is really a matter of great satisfaction for me to be one of the pioneers of this noble voyage.

We all know that Bangladesh is blessed with innumerable talented young folks who are trying to change the future of the nation with their intellect and enthusiasm. Nursing could easily be one of the prosperous professions. But regrettably enrollment rate in nursing education is not satisfactory in our country. Reasons are low capacity of enrolmentin the existing nursing institutions in Bangladesh and the long cherished stigma that the profession encounters without any reason. In our country there is an acute storage of nurses both in public and private health care sectors. This is probably the only profession where worldwide storage has been continuing for decades. In U.S.A, U.K and Canada, storage of qualified nurses has turned so heightened that researchers are foreseeing disastrous consequences in their health services. The aforesaid countries meanwhile have taken some measures that can enhance enrolmentin nursing education to a desired level.

Before launching B. Sc. Nursing course in SCN the whole reality was studied with great attention and it was found that there are immense demand potentials of this profession both home and abroad. I firmly believe that the prospective students of this course will attain a useful and rewarding degree that shall offer them a dignified life. SCN can assure the guardians that it will equip the students with proper knowledgeand skill so that they can compete anywhere in the world job market and serve their profession with utmost efficiency.

This prospectus brieflyincludes admission requirements, facilities available for their lodging and studies, course curriculum, exam procedure, instructional method and aspects related to the course. Surely the aspirantcandidates will find it useful for placing their decision to take admission in SCN for a better future career. Here I take the unique opportunity in conveying my heartiest thanks to all members of the Board of Directors, who made efforts to obtain government approval for launching and running the course in SQUARE  Collegeof Nursing. I am grateful to Almighty Allah for all the achievements presently we have.

I have my best wishes for the prospective candidates- The Little Ladies with the Lamp- for their holy desire to  join this noble profession.


May Allah bless us all .



Prof. Major. Badrulwara Begum (Retd.)


SQUARE  College of Nursing