Prof. Dr. Md. Khalil ur Rahman

Chairman, Governing Body


There is scarcity of qualified and skilled nurses all over the world. It is so acute that some researchers are anticipating an inescapable upheaval in health services especially in Europe and North America. Our neighboring countries like India and Sri Lanka have initiated massive program for nursing education. These nurses are not only serving their own countries, they also are serving the humanity abroad. Square group has decided to launch a long term program for producing high quality nurses and that is why Square College of Nursing (SCN) is established with an aim to meet the local demand as well as to compete in the global job market. 


I firmly believe that the students who have taken admission in this institute will have a bright future in home and abroad. I would like to thank the candidates and their guardians who have shown interest to take admission in this graduation program and stepped forward to the profession which is considered as noblest of all. We are very keen to provide a good academic atmosphere, comfortable as well as secured lodging for the students so that they can fully concentrate on their own development during their period of studentship. 


I would like to thank all who have given their valuable time in foundation of this institute. My best wishes go to the prospective students of first batch who would be the pioneer members of quality health care providers of the country.


Professor Dr. Md.  KhalilurRahman

Chairman, Governing Body

SQUARE College of Nursing