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    I do conform to the rules and regulations of the college at present in force or may hereafter be made in future and I do undertake that I will do nothing either inside or outside the college that will interfere the discipline and order of the ordinances of MOH&FW, Bangladesh Nursing Council, University of Dhaka anything and relating to the course in nursing, syllabus and examination as long as I remain as student of Square College of Nursing. If the information provided in the application form and documents submitted by me with the application are found to be incorrect, I shall be liable to be expelled from the college or to accept any other punitive measures taken against me by the college authority and all types of fees and other charges paid by me as per rule of the college up to that time shall be forfeited.

    I do further solemnly declare that there is no personal, domestic or financial circumstance that may refrain me from continuing my studies in the course of nursing until completion of the entire course. I also promise that I will remain unmarried till I qualify in the final examination of the course.I also declare that I will not take part in any activities subversive to the state or of discipline of the instituation. I do hereby confirm that the above statement is true and correct.