About Us

About Us


Bangladesh has achieved a significant progression in health sector during the last one and half decade both in public and private sectors. Almost all the indicators that prove the improvement of health status are running upwards. Practically an enormous contribution of private health care sector has made it possible.

SQUARE College of Nursing is established with a view to contributing to the health care sector in Bangladesh by producing a large number of skilled and qualified nurses. Because there is a huge demand of nurses, who have real professional dexterity. Public and private health care settings need nurses with increasing responsibilities and advanced pro-active roles to ensure the delivery of health care services.  Most of the good private hospitals employed foreign nurse to meet the need of quality nursing care. SQUARE College of Nursing has been established to fulfill the inland need of accomplished nurses and then to send them abroad as a part of our skilled manpower.   


We know nursing is a challenging profession in Bangladesh. Nursing training began in Bangladesh in 1947. But the scope of higher study was very limited till the recent past. There are only 5 government and 7 private nursing colleges all over the country that run B.Sc.  Nursing course having around 500 intakes in total per year. The number is not at all sufficient to meet the demand.  All these efforts and its success depends on well trained , well motivated and well compensated health care professionals in which nurses are a critical component. Without qualified nurses the whole health care system will not improve, patient will not be cared for and there will be great health problem. There is serious shortage of diploma nurses, too, in the country. The quality of nursing education and clinical skills are below the minimum world standard. For a well balanced health care system there should be 4-6 nurses for every doctor. But in Bangladesh present doctor nurse ration is frustrating (3:1). The alarm bell rings when the demand ofdiploma nurses is increasing and there is decreased production rate. 

However the present government of Bangladesh has taken some steps to promote nursing as a dignified profession.SQUAREis always with the good initiatives SQUARECollege of Nursing is an emblem of that spirit.  



Health is a basic right for all human beings regardless of gender, nationality, religion, ethnicity, caste or creed. This is a unique endowment from the part of the almighty creator. Though health is an individual property, the responsibility to keep it sound is collective. An individual cannot lead a healthy life if the people around him carry diseases and remain unhealthy. So the whole human race should be treated as a ‘unified cluster of holy spirit’. SQUARECollege of Nursing believes on the sanctity of soul and serenity of  human life on Earth. It also firmly deems nursing practice is such an inimitable service to people in the community that it can be considered ‘noblest’ among all the professions serving directly individuals, families, communities, as well as the nations. SQUARE College of Nursing

adapts the advanced technologies, modern trends and developments in medical, health, social and educational science in order to keep pace with the changing needs of society. 

The central impulse or the core philosophy that essentially leads SCN to run this course is to help the ailing humanity and thus to bring into being good nurses who are good citizens too with undaunted moral values.


Aim and Objectives

To produce high quality competent nurses providing them with international standard professional educationwithin the framework of BNC rules and national policies in order to offer a comprehensive health care that meets the needs of all men, women and children  in health and illness.


Specific Objectives

After the completion of the course, qualified nurses will be able to:

  • Offer preventive, curative and rehabilitative nursing care to individuals and  communities both home and abroad.
  • Take care of people in health and sickness in hospitals, clinics, homes, and other community setting irrespective of their beliefs, customs and religion.
  • Make use of the modern equipments, methods and nursing process  that are needed for good nursing services.
  • Cooperate patients and their families through adequate interpersonal communication and proper psychological treatment to ensure better services.
  • Come up with professional gesture together with other disciplines, members of the health team, and other sectors concerned with health and socio-economic development, aiming for high quality health care for all.
  • Teach, train and supervise nursing students, nursing personnel and health workers in hospitals, clinics and any other health care settings.
  • Contribute to community activities related to health care.
  • Demonstrate responsibility as a good citizen in the implementation of national health policies.
  • Uphold a high standard of ethical and professional conduct to promote safe standards of nursing care.
  • Work for personal and professional development, that ensures the contribution to the development of health care, nursing services, and society.



Targeted Skills

  • B.Sc. in Nursing course is designin such a way that after the completion of the course students will acquire some specific skills. These are
  • Professional development and delivery of general health care at per international standard.
  • Complete orientation on how to be patient focused.
  • Ability to be community leader & health educator.
  • Excellent communication, quality assurance & research skills.
  • Ability to take responsibilities of clinical manager or health care team member.
  • Preparedness for American licensing examination (CGFNS).



An organization with equal emphasis on Leadership, Technology, Quality and Passion. 


What drives us?


The relentless pursuit for excellence; the urge to never stand still, to never slow down and to never stop thinking.


SQUARE believes in continuous innovation and progress. Its endeavor is to bring the best minds together in a uniquely rich and stimulating environment.


Strength in diversification:


SQUARE today is a corporate giant active in divergent business and industrial fields. Its present unassailable status is the outcome of its successful diversification.